Radio Personalities

Ronald Sayles has compiled a database of radio personalities which includes their date of birth, birthplace, date of death (when appropriate) and some information about their radio careers. This database has been published on a website and daily information is provided on The Old-Time Radio Digest. Ron has graciously approved the use of his database on OTRRpedia and the following is an interface to search this database.

Date of Birth:

Date of Death:

First letter of Last Name:

To search the database, first decide whether you want to search by the date of birth, date of death or by the first letter of the last name. Click on the radio button corresponding to your choice (that is, one of the three circles above). Second, after making your choice, then click on the information to either enter the date or the first letter of the last name. Finally, click on the Submit Query button to generate the list.

WARNING. This implementation of Ron's database is still under development. We have provided links from the programs mentioned in Ron's database to the programs listed on OTRRpedia. However, there are many programs in Ron's database that are not listed on OTRRpedia; we will be adding these programs as fast as we can. These programs that are not listed on OTRRpedia will not appear in the output except as

possibly followed by some commment.

In addition, we'll be adding an entry to our program pages on OTRRpedia so you can retrieve information from Ron's database for the performers and others who were associated with those OTR shows.

As we had to import Ron's data and modify the format to be used on the site, it is possible that some errors may have been introduced. THIS IS OUR FAULT AND NOT RON'S! We'll be comparing our data with Ron's to remove those errors that have crept in. This will take some time since there are over 6700 names in Ron's database. If you see such an error please write us, We would also appreciate receiving your comments on how to improve this interface.

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