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These Are Our Men

Premiere Episode: 1944-12-02
Final Episode: 1945-02-17

Anthology Drama

Broadcast History:

Dates: 12/2/1944 - 2/17/1945
Network: NBC
Days: Saturday
Starting time: 2:00PM
Sponsor: Parker Watch Company
Length of show: 30 minutes

12/02/1944   #1Franklin D Roosevelt W Frank Sinatra<< Available L
12/09/1944   #2Gen George C Marshall W Franchot Tone<< Available L
12/16/1944   #3Gen Dwight D Eisenhower W Ralph Bellamy<< Available L
12/23/1944   #4
12/30/1944   #5
01/06/1945   #6Gen Jonathon Mayhew Wainwright<< Available L
01/13/1945   #7Fleet Admiral Ernest J King W Jean Hersholt<< Available L
01/20/1945   #8General of the Army - Douglas Mac Arthur<< Available L
01/27/1945   #9Lt Gen Alexander a Vandergrift W Richard Arlen<< Available L
02/03/1945   #10Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz W Jack Benny<< Available L
02/10/1945   #11Lt Gen George S Patton<< Available L
02/17/1945   #12Brave Men<< Available L

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