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Joyce Jordan, M. D.

Alternate titles:
  • Joyce Jordan, Girl Intern (see also Joyce Jordan MD)

    Premiere Episode: 1938-05-30
    Final Episode: 1955-07-01

    Serial Drama

    RadioGoldindex Listing

    Broadcast History:

    Dates: 5/30/1938 - 5/26/1939
    Network: CBS
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Starting time: 9:30AM
    Sponsor: McKesson & Robbins (Caloz Tooth Powder, Albolene) (1938)
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 7/3/1939 - 1942
    Network: CBS
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Sponsor: General Foods
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 1942 - 3/23/1945
    Network: CBS
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Starting time: 2:00PM
    Sponsor: General Mills
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 3/26/1945 - 10/8/1948
    Network: NBC
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Sponsor: Dreft
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 12/10/1951 - 4/11/1952
    Network: ABC
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Sponsor: Lever Brothers
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 1/3/1955 - 7/1/1955
    Network: NBC
    Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Starting time: 10:15AM
    Sponsor: Sustaining
    Length of show: 15 minutes

  • 05/30/1938   #1First NBC Episode
    06/07/1944   #0Joyce and Mary clean house<< Available 
    03/23/1945   #0
    04/02/1945   #0
    04/27/1945   #0Joyce isn't getting along with her husband<< Available 
    04/30/1945   #0Dean is upstairs in bed<< Available 
    05/20/1945   #0<< Available 
    07/04/1945   #0Dean's uncle has died<< Available 
    07/20/1945   #0<< Available 
    01/16/1946   #0Joyce tells Vic that she can never love him<< Available 
    01/17/1946   #0Joyce visits her brother-in-law Ross<< Available 
    02/04/1946   #0Celia and Joyce have troubled feelings on a beautiful day<< Available 
    02/13/1946   #0Joyce is en route to Centerfield<< Available 
    12/04/1946   #0Joyce cleans up after Dean's bout of drinking<< Available 
    06/04/1947   #0Mike drives Joyce to her new home<< Available 
    06/16/1947   #0<< Available 
    06/18/1947   #0<< Available 
    07/03/1947   #0An Old Enemy Is Headed To New York<< Available 
    08/04/1947   #0Dawson has told off Mrs. Blakely<< Available 
    08/27/1947   #0Joyce and Mike Malone find Ernest's bloodstained knife in an empty house<< Available 
    08/29/1947   #0Joyce and Mike get the drop on Spike<< Available 
    10/20/1947   #0<< Available 
    10/25/1947   #0<< Available 
    10/27/1947   #0<< Available 
    11/20/1947   #0Dawson Will Be A Cripple For Life<< Available 
    11/25/1947   #0<< Available 
    11/26/1947   #0<< Available 
    11/28/1947   #0Thanksgiving Dinner<< Available 
    12/03/1947   #0A Heartbreaking Scene<< Available 
    12/04/1947   #0Brett To Convalesce At Dawsons<< Available 
    12/08/1947   #0Dr Alex Gives Resignation<< Available 
    12/09/1947   #0Joyce Has Resigned<< Available 
    12/11/1947   #0Trying To Find Office<< Available 
    12/12/1947   #0Joyce says that she's going to perform the operation<< Available 
    12/15/1947   #0Firm Decision To Resign<< Available 
    12/16/1947   #0Joyce Has Hung Out Her Shingle<< Available 
    12/18/1947   #0
    12/22/1947   #0Sara Has Regained Consciousness<< Available 
    12/23/1947   #0Bob & Eleanor Wilcox Talk<< Available 
    12/29/1947   #0Will Sarah keep her baby or let him be adopted?<< Available 
    12/30/1947   #0Sara Decides To Keep The Baby<< Available 
    12/31/1947   #0Bob & Joyce Blame Joyce<< Available 
    01/05/1948   #0Dawson Blakely visits Joyce in her office<< Available 
    01/06/1948   #0Sarah's last letter is read, and it names Dawson as the baby's father!<< Available 
    01/19/1948   #0Alex Gray advises Joyce not to operate on her lover Dawson<< Available 
    01/26/1948   #0Dr. Jordan tells Dr. Tracy how she was forced to agree to operate<< Available 
    05/05/1948   #0<< Available 
    05/14/1948   #0<< Available 
    05/17/1948   #0<< Available 
    05/18/1948   #0<< Available 
    05/20/1948   #0<< Available 
    06/18/1948   #0Mr. Witherspoon volunteers a handwriting sample to help solve the murder of Miss Calendar<< Available 
    07/20/1948   #0<< Available 
    08/24/1948   #0Rolfe takes a tense ride in the country with Karen and Mrs. Wheatley<< Available 
    10/08/1948   #0Last NBC Episode
    12/10/1951   #0First ABC Episode
    04/11/1952   #0Last ABC Episode
    01/03/1955   #0First NBC Episode (Show Returns)
    07/01/1955   #0Last Episode
    44/10/XX   #0Dawson takes Joyce home<< Available 

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