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Show Boat

Alternate titles:
  • Home Town, Unincorporated (see Show Boat)
  • Maxwell House Ensemble
  • Maxwell House Show Boat, The (see Show Boat)

    Premiere Episode: 1932-10-06
    Final Episode: 1941-04-21


    Broadcast History:

    Dates: 10/6/1932 - 10/28/1937
    Network: NBC Red
    Days: Thursday
    Sponsor: Maxwell House
    Length of show: 60 minutes

    Dates: 11/26/1939 - 4/28/1940
    Network: NBC Red
    Days: Sunday
    Starting time: 10:30PM
    Sponsor: Brown and Williamson

    Dates: 5/3/1940 - 8/2/1940
    Network: NBC Blue
    Days: Friday
    Starting time: 9:00PM
    Sponsor: Avalon Cigarettes

    Dates: 8/5/1940 - 4/21/1941
    Network: NBC Red
    Days: Monday
    Starting time: 9:30PM
    Sponsor: Brown and Williamson

  • Creator: ***  
    Cast: Victor Arden(Pianist)
    Rose Bampton(Vocalist)
    Lois Bennett(Vocalist)
    Jules Bledsoe
    Vivian Block
    Carlton Brickert(Captain Barney, Host)
    Walter Cassel(Baritone)
    Winifred Cecil(Vocalist)
    Pattie Chapin(Vocalist)
    Nadine Conner(Soprano)
    Emil Cote(Choral Director)
    Sallie Belle Cox(Crying Baby)
    The De Marco Sisters(Vocalists)
    Honey Dean(Vocalist)
    Tommy Donnelly
    Joan Edwards(Vocalist)
    Wilbur Evans(Vocalist)
    Ethel Everett
    Florence Freeman
    Virginia George
    Ross Graham(Vocalist)
    Rosaline Greene(Mary Lou)
    Jack Haley(Host)
    Annette Hanshaw(Vocalist)
    Sam Hearn
    Elsie Hitz(Magnolia)
    Irene Hubbard(Aunt Marie)
    Marlin Hurt(Beulah)
    Mabel Jackson(Soprano)
    Helen Jepson(Vocalist)
    Hall Johnson(Choral director)
    Allyn Joslyn(Lanny Ross' speaking voice)
    Teri Keane
    Wright Kramer(Walter Jamison)
    Alma Kruger(Captain Henry's wife)
    Harold 'Scrappy' Lambert(Vocalist)
    Louise Massey and The Westerners(Vocal Group)
    Milt Mabie(Vocalist)
    Pick Malone(Molasses)
    Audrey Marsh(Mary Lou)
    Allen Massey(Vocalist)
    Curt 'Dott' Massey(Vocalist)
    Louise Massey
    Hattie McDaniel(Mammy)
    Frank McIntyre(Captain Henry)
    Lucy Monroe
    Robert 'Bob' Moody(Vocalist)
    Helen Oelheim
    Pat Padgett(January)
    Eddie Peabody(Banjoist)
    Walter Preston(Vocalist)
    Adele Ronson
    Lanny Ross(Host, Singer)
    Wyn Sayre(Singer)
    Maria Silveira
    Mary Small(Vocalist)
    Mark Smith(Uria Calwalder)
    Jean Sothern
    Leonard 'Len' Stokes(Vocalist)
    Hugh Studebaker(Cap'n Andy)
    Max Terr(Choir)
    Conrad Thibault(Baritone)
    Thomas L. Thomas(Baritone)
    Dick Todd(Vocalist)
    Virginia Verrill(Vocalist)
    Larry Wellington(Vocalist)
    Kathleen Wells
    Ned Wever(Conrad Thibault's spoken lines)
    Randolph Weyant(Tenor (Show Boat Four))
    Patricia Wilder(Honey Chile)
    Frank Willoughby
    Meredith Willson(Music)
    Muriel Wilson(Vocalist (Mary Lou))
    Charles Winninger(Captain Henry)
    Edward 'Eddie' 'Shrimp' Wragge
    Guest Stars: Jessica Dragonette
     Jessica Dragonette
     Ed East
    Director: William A. Bacher
     Kenneth W. 'Ken' MacGregor
    Producer: Tom Revere
    Writer: William A. Bacher
     Bernard Dougall
     Henry M. Neely
    Announcer: Warren Hull
     Edmund 'Tiny' Ruffner
    Al Goodman
     Gustave Haenschen
     Donald Voorhees