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Adventures Of Nero Wolfe, The

Alternate titles:
  • Nero Wolfe

    Premiere Episode: 1943-04-07
    Final Episode: 1944-07-14

    Number of Episodes: 39


    RadioGoldindex Listing

    Broadcast History:

    Dates: 4/7/1943 - 6/30/1943
    Network: ABC
    Days: Wednesday

    Dates: 7/5/1943 - 9/27/1943
    Network: ABC
    Days: Monday
    Starting time: 8:30PM
    Length of show: 30 minutes

    Dates: 1/21/1944 - 7/14/1944
    Network: ABC
    Days: Friday
    Starting time: 7:00PM
    Sponsor: Sustaining
    Length of show: 30 minutes

  • Creator: ***  
    Cast: Harry Bartell(Archie Goodwin)
    Francis X. Bushman(Nero wolfe)
    Lawrence Dobkin(Archie Goodwin)
    Herb Ellis(Archie Goodwin)
    John Gibson(Archie Goodwin)
    Sydney Greenstreet(Nero wolfe)
    Joseph Julian(Archie Goodwin)
    Elliott Lewis(Archie Goodwin)
    Wally Maher(Archie Goodwin)
    Gerald Mohr(Archie Goodwin)
    Santos Ortega(Nero Wolfe 43-07-05 to 43-09-27)
    Luis Van Rooten(Nero Wolfe (1944))
    Louis Vittes(Archie Goodwin)
    J B Williams(Nero Wolfe 43-04-07 to 43-06-30)
    Director: Himan Brown
     J. Donald Wilson
    Producer: Edwin Fadiman
     Travis Wells
    Writer: Louis Vittes
    Announcer: Jim Bannon
     Don Stanley
    Carl Eastman