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Jesse Crawford At Organ

Premiere Episode: 1929-00-00
Final Episode: 1935-08-35

Broadcast History:

Dates: 1929 - 1931
Network: CBS
Days: Sunday
Sponsor: Royal Typwriter

Dates: 1931 - 1932
Network: NBC
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dates: 1932 - 1933
Network: NBC Blue
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Dates: 8/6/1934 - 8/35/1935
Network: NBC Blue
Days: Sunday, Thursday, Friday
Starting time: 11:15

Dates: 2/9/1935 - 4/6/1935
Network: NBC Blue
Days: Saturday
Starting time: 4:30

Series Synopsis: Jesse Crawford was the resident organist at New York's Paramount Theater. Billed as "The Poet of the Organ," he was perhaps the best known of the radio organists, and was featured in a series of programs of varying formats, beginning with "The Paramount Publix Hour" on CBS in 1929. (Hanbook of Old-Time Radion p392)
Series Theme: Forgotten Melody
Creator: ***  
Cast: Jesse Crawford(Host)
Paul Small