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Philo Vance

Premiere Episode: 1945-07-05
Final Episode: 1950-07-04

Number of Episodes: 112

Private Detective

RadioGoldindex Listing

Broadcast History:

Dates: 7/5/1945 - 9/27/1945
Network: NBC
Days: Thursday
Starting time: 7:30PM
Sponsor: Lifebuoy
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 7/23/1946 - 1946
Network: ABC
Sponsor: ABC West

Dates: 7/13/1948 - 7/4/1950
Network: Syndicated
Sponsor: ZIV - Syndicator
Length of show: 30 minutes

Series Synopsis: *****
Creator: ***  
Cast: Joan Alexander(Ellen Deering)
Jackson Beck(Philo Vance)
Humphrey Davis(Sgt. Heath)
John Emery(Philo Vance)
Frances Farras(Vance's secretary)
Announcer: Don Hancock
 Tom Shirley