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George Jessel

Premiere Episode: 1934-01-02
Final Episode: 1954-01-28


RadioGoldindex Listing

Broadcast History:

Dates: 1/2/1934 - 6/10/1934
Network: CBS
Days: Tuesday
Starting time: 9:30PM
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 6/17/1934 - 8/26/1934
Network: CBS
Days: Sunday
Starting time: 8:00PM
Length of show: 60 minutes

Dates: 10/10/1937 - 7/3/1938
Network: Mutual
Days: Sunday
Starting time: 6:00PM
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 3/21/1939 - 3/28/1940
Network: NBC
Sponsor: Vitalis
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 10/15/1953 - 1/28/1954
Network: ABC
Days: Thursday
Starting time: 9:00PM
Length of show: 30 minutes

Series Synopsis: George Jessel may have been one of the best-known American entertainers, but he never made any headway in radio. Vaudeville star, renowned toastmasterónone of it mattered: Jesselís radio shows were plagued by little excitement, no appreciable ratings strength, and no encore seasons. On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning
Series Theme: California Here I Come; Give My Regards to Broadway (introduction)
Creator: ***  
Cast: Amy Arnell(Singer Mutual program)
Mildred Bailey(Singer 1934 CBS program)
Ward Byron(Mutual program)
Sam Carlton(Mutual program)
Shirley Harmer(ABC program)
Director: Ward Byron