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(True Story) Court Of Human Relations, The

Premiere Episode: 1934-01-01
Final Episode: 1938-05-25


Broadcast History:

Dates: 1/1/1934 - 4/29/1934
Network: NBC
Days: Sunday
Starting time: 7:00PM
Sponsor: True Story magazine
Length of show: 45 minutes

Dates: 5/4/1934 - 8/30/1935
Network: CBS
Days: Friday
Starting time: 8:30PM
Sponsor: McFadden Publications (True Story Magazine)
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 9/6/1935 - 5/25/1938
Network: NBC Red
Days: Friday
Starting time: 9:30PM
Sponsor: True Story Magazine
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 10/9/1938 - 1/1/1039
Network: Mutual
Days: Sunday
Starting time: 4:00PM
Sponsor: Vadsca Sales Corp. (cold tablets)
Length of show: 30 minutes

Series Synopsis: The Court of Human Relations, sponsored by True Story magazine, presented real-life legal dramas, with the audience challenged to render verdicts. The stories came from current issues of the magazine. On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning
Creator: ***  
Cast: A. L. (Albert Lewis) Alexander(Narrator)
Vera Allen
Florence Baker
Marion Barney
Nat Brusiloff(Orchestra Leader)
Director: Bill Sweets
Announcer: Paul Douglas
 Tom Nugent
 Charles O'Connor
 Tom Slater