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Chance Of A Lifetime

Premiere Episode: 1949-09-04
Final Episode: 1952-01-19

Game Show

Broadcast History:

Dates: 9/4/1949 - 5/28/1950
Network: ABC
Days: Sunday
Starting time: 9:30PM
Sponsor: Ritter

Dates: 5/29/1950 - 1/5/1951
Network: ABC
Sponsor: Toni
Length of show: 15 minutes

Dates: 7/3/1951 - 10/23/1951
Network: ABC
Days: Tuesday
Starting time: 8:00PM

Dates: 10/31/1951 - 12/18/1951
Network: ABC
Days: Tuesday
Starting time: 8:30PM

Dates: 12/22/1951 - 1/19/1952
Network: ABC
Days: Saturday
Starting time: 7:30PM
Sponsor: Sustaining

Series Synopsis: Game of chance, with players testing their luck for expensive prizes, everything they had won at stake. On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning
Creator: ***  
Cast: Jan Ford
John Reed King(Host)
Director: Charles T. Harrell
Announcer: Ken Roberts
 Don Wilson