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Challenge Of The Yukon (see also Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon)

Alternate titles:
  • Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon

    Premiere Episode: 1938-00-00
    Final Episode: 1955-00-00

    Number of Episodes: 946

    Serial Drama

    RadioGoldindex Listing

    Broadcast History:

    Dates: 1938 - 1947
    Network: Other
    Sponsor: Varied according to locality

    Dates: 2/3/1938 - 5/28/1947
    Days: Thursday
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 6/12/1947 - 1950
    Network: ABC
    Sponsor: Quaker's Puffed Wheat and Rice Cerals

    Dates: 6/12/1947 - 12/30/1949
    Network: ABC
    Sponsor: Quaker Oats
    Length of show: 30 minutes

    Dates: 6/21/1950 - 1955
    Network: Mutual
    Sponsor: Quaker's Puffed Wheat and Rice Cerals
    Length of show: 30 minutes

  • Series Synopsis: Challenge of the Yukon was the third major juvenile adventure series to come out of George W. Trendle’s Detroit radio mill and make the national networks. The Lone Ranger had been a western favorite since 1933; The Green Hornet had been battling urban corruption since 1938. Challenge took its listeners to the wild north and quickly endeared itself to young listeners everywhere. On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning
    Series Theme: Donna Diana Overture
    Creator: ***  
    Cast: Lee Allman
    Richard 'Dick' Beals
    Brace Beemer(Sergeant Preston)
    Benny Kyte's Band(Music)
    Tom Dougall(Creator)
    Director: Fred Floweraday
     Al Hodge
     Charles D. Livingstone
    Announcer: Fred Foy
     Bob Hite
     Jay Michael
     Harold Neal