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Buddy Clark Show, The (see also Treet Time: Musical Toast akaDesign for Happiness)

Alternate titles:
  • Buddy Clark's Musical Weekly
  • Design For Happiness (see also Buddy Clark)

    Premiere Episode: 1938-04-11
    Final Episode: 1940-09-12


    Broadcast History:

    Dates: 4/11/1938 - 7/8/1938
    Network: Mutual
    Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Starting time: 6:45PM
    Sponsor: Lucky Strike
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 12/21/1938 - 2/15/1939
    Network: CBS
    Days: Wednesday
    Starting time: 10:30PM

    Dates: 2/21/1939 - 3/28/1939
    Network: CBS
    Days: Tuesday
    Starting time: 10:30PM
    Length of show: 15 minutes

    Dates: 4/14/1939 - 5/26/1939
    Network: CBS
    Days: Friday
    Starting time: 7:30PM

    Dates: 7/25/1940 - 9/12/1940
    Network: CBS
    Days: Thursday
    Starting time: 10:45PM
    Length of show: 15 minutes

  • Series Synopsis: *****
    Creator: ***  
    Cast: Buddy Clark(Host)
    Ted de Corsia(Regular)
    Anne Elstner(Regular)
    Nan Wynn(Regular)