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Blind Date (aka Your Blind Date)

Premiere Episode: 1942-00-00
Final Episode: 1946-01-18

Audience Participation

RadioGoldindex Listing

Broadcast History:

Dates: 1942 -
Network: NBC
Length of show: 25 minutes

Dates: 7/8/1943 - 8/26/1943
Network: NBC
Days: Thursday
Starting time: 8:00PM
Sponsor: Maxwell House
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 10/25/1943 - 8/25/1945
Network: NBC Blue
Days: Monday
Starting time: 8:30PM
Sponsor: Lehn and Fink (from New York)
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 8/17/1945 - 1/18/1946
Network: ABC
Days: Monday
Starting time: 8:00PM
Sponsor: Hinds Honey And Almond Cream
Length of show: 30 minutes

Series Synopsis: *****
Creator: ***  
Cast: The Bryant Sisters(Vocalists 1942)
Arlene Francis(Hostess 1943)
Connie Haines(Vocalist - 1942)
Tizzie Lish
Mercedes McCambridge(1942)
Director: Tom Wallace
Announcer: Edmund “Tiny” Ruffner
 Charles Stark
 Jimmy Wallington