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Barry Cameron (originally The Soldier Who Came Home)

Premiere Episode: 1945-04-16
Final Episode: 1946-10-11

Serial Drama

RadioGoldindex Listing

Broadcast History:

Dates: 4/16/1945 - 10/11/1946
Network: NBC
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Starting time: 11:30AM
Sponsor: Sweetheart Beauty Soap, Manhattan Soap.
Length of show: 15 minutes

Series Synopsis: *****
Creator: ***  
Cast: Spencer Bentley(Barry Cameron)
Rolly Bester(Gloria Mulvaney)
King Calder(Will Stevenson)
Helene Carew(Mrs. Mitchell)
Elsie Hitz(Josephine Whitfield)
Director: Richard Leonard
Announcer: Larry Elliott