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As The Twig Is Bent

Premiere Episode: 1941-00-00
Final Episode: 1942-04-06

Serial Drama

Broadcast History:

Dates: 1941 -
Network: Syndicated
Length of show: 15 minutes

Dates: 3/24/1941 - 4/6/1942
Network: Mutual
Sponsor: General Foods

Dates: 1942 -
Network: CBS
Length of show: 15 minutes

Series Synopsis: *****
Creator: ***  
Cast: Charme Allen(Mrs. Carlton)
Joan Banks(Andrea Reynolds)
Horace Braham(Frank Harrison, School board chairman)
Sarah Burton(Laura)
George Coulouris(Frank Harrison, School board chairman)
Announcer: Dick Dunham
 Adele Ronson
 Tom Shirley
 Fred Uttal