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Armstrong Theater Of Today

Premiere Episode: 1941-10-04
Final Episode: 1954-09-12

Anthology Drama

Broadcast History:

Dates: 10/4/1941 - 9/12/1954
Network: CBS
Days: Saturday
Starting time: 12:00PM
Sponsor: Armstrong Quaker Rugs and Linoleum
Length of show: 30 minutes

Dates: 9/17/1953 - 5/22/1954
Sponsor: Cream Of Wheat

Series Synopsis: *****
Series Theme: When The Organ Plays At Twilight
Creator: ***  
Cast: Sandy Becker
George Bryan(Newscaster)
Patsy Campbell
Julie Conway(Armstrong Quaker Girl)
Ben Cooper
Barbara Fuller
Sandra Gould
Rosemary Lane
Jack Lloyd
James Monks
Elizabeth Reller(Armstrong Quaker Girl)
James Rinaldi(Sound effects)
Director: Ira Avery
 George Byron
 Al Ward
 Ken Webb
Announcer: George Bryan
 Tom Bryan
 Fielden Farrington
 Bob Sherry